OSCE summit 2005

OSCE summit 2005 was the final act of Slovenia presidency to this organisation where AVC with their partners was responsible for the technological part of the entire event. Entire event was divided into several different halls, where conference discussion systems where required among with PA systems and some of them with simultaneous translation system as well, included translator's booths. The main hall- Plenary hall hosted cca 950 participant on 1.600m2 during two days conference. Audio system includes 85 wired delegate units w/channel selectors, 880 wireless digital IR receivers and PA system based on JBL VRX-932 speakers. Audio was controlled by SOUNDCRAFT GB4 mixing console and DBX DriveRack 260 and iEQ processors and the speakers were powered by CROWN CTs amplifiers. Additionally AKG WMS 4000 wireless microphone systems were included. The system in this hall was also designed to feed national broadcaster RTV Slovenia and press room. PC/FSC hall- the second biggest hall hosted 350 participants on 900m2 and very similar approach was done (digital conference system w/wireless IR language distribution, JBL VRX-932 speakers, CROWN CE4000 amplifiers, DBX DriveRack processor, AKG WMS 4000 systems and SOUNDCRAFT mixing console). Press conference hall was designed for 210 participants with wireless IR language distribution system and PA system based on HARMAN PRO solution. JBL SRX 712M speakers were used together with CROWN CE4000 amplifiers, DBX processor, SOUNDCRAFT mixing console and AKG WMS400 wireless microphone systems. Additionally to these there were 6 others halls equipped with PA systems, all based on the HARMAN PRO solutions and were used for different separate and bilateral meetings.

Contact person: Jani Medič

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