The Ljubljana Castle - a symbol of the city of Ljubljana

The Ljubljana castle has changed through centuries; however, it has been and still is a symbol of the City of Ljubljana. It has served several purposes, and today it is an interesting tourist attraction for both foreign and domestic visitors, and a walking path for Ljubljana residents.
In 2005, more than 500,000 people visited the castle, which has also become a new Ljubljana cultural hub as it more and more frequently hosts concerts, exhibitions, theatrical performances, various social gatherings and official receptions. Apart from the beautiful view over the city and its surroundings from the Viewing Tower, there is also the Virtual Museum, a gift shop Rustika, a castle bar and puppet shows in Mini Teater. After long years of renovation the Ljubljana Castle is becoming not only a tourist site, but also an important cultural, social and multimedia centre. The Palacij Hall is equipped with a JBL sound system, a Soundcraft audio mixing desk, and AKG wired and wireless microphones. We also installed a multipurpose projection system with two adaptable projection screens.

Contact person: Jani Medič

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