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Rehearsal booths for the musicians, RTV Slovenija, Ljubljana

In cooperation with manufacturer Boxylab and contractor TSE, we managed the installation of new rehearsal booths in the building of Radio Slovenia in Ljubljana, to be used by musicians of the RTV Slovenia Symphony... » more

Equipment for Studio 1 Control Room, RTV Slovenija, RC Koper - Capodistria, Koper

The regional RTV centre Koper – Capodistria boasts a brand new control room for their Studio 1 where news & information TV programming is produced. AVC worked on the project as the supplier of essential audio and video... » more

Acoustic fit-out of RTV S14 control room, RTV Slovenija, Ljubljana

High-end music production demands a high-end equipped control room. Room acoustics itself is just as important as the appropriate monitoring system. In cooperation with the consultants Acoustic Design Group from London we... » more

Digital audio mixing desk for RTV Slovenia S14, RTV Slovenija, Ljubljana

Contemporary music production is based on high-quality mixing consoles with a large number of channels and immense sound processing. RTV Slovenia’s Studio 14 is equipped with a Euphonix System 5 digital mixing console, with... » more

Digital audio mixing desk for RTV Slovenia S3, RTV Slovenija, Ljubljana

RTV Slovenija gives special attention to its informative programme. The technical execution and reliable equipment is just as important, as accurate and up-to-date news. The national television network decided to use the first... » more

On-Air Mixing consoles, RTV Slovenija, Ljubljana

RTV Slovenija knows reliable equipment is needed for 24/7 live radio programme and specially if this is the most popular national radio station. This fact leaded into decission to install two STUDER On-Air 3000 consoles for... » more

RTV Slovenia Radio Master Control Room, RTV Slovenija, Ljubljana

RTV Slovenia encompasses several studios where the national radio programmes are recorded and performed live. To ensure an uninterrupted connection and switching among them, we installed the completely digital, decentralized... » more

Sound system, Viba Film, Ljubljana

Film sound gets finalized in a film studio, where authors can check and complete their work on a referential sound system. We installed the sound system for the film recording control rooms of Viba film Ljubljana. In accordance... » more

TV Studio lighting system, 1MP, Ljubljana

Complete lighting solution for two TV production studios was designed, delivered and installed. While Studio 1 has luminaires with comprising grid design, Studio 2 has luminaires with advanced rail system, suspension system,... » more


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