AVC history


The company AVC Group d.o.o. was established in 1993 and was then named AVC - Audio Video Consulting d.o.o. The establishment was set up as a member of the AVC group consortium.

Today, the AVC group, with its 100 employees and approximately 100 partners controls the greatest part of professional audio, video, and multimedia equipment market in the regions of former Yugoslavia. With more than 10 million Euros of total annual turnover, we are the leading company in our field of business in this part of Europe.

Expertise and financially stabile company, as the AVC group d.o.o. is, can provide services included in the most challenging projects. With the rest of the AVC group members located in Salzburg, Zagreb, Sarajevo, Belgrade, Skopje, Priština, and Auckland, we share our joint purchase department as well as experience, up-to-date knowledge, and services of technical assistance in the realisation of the most demanding projects.

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